How It Began

SX Entertainment was founded in October 2019 by Mr. Sean B. Johnson from Jamaica.

The organization started out as an audio equipment rental entity but has since then expanded into professional entertainment, specializing in events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate and Anniversary Celebrations.

Our tagline is derived from a special methodology used in curating our music sets and also from the fact that our primary duty entails “Connecting People Through Music“.

This strategy has allowed us to understand the psyche of our clients and has cultivated the skill to design specific client entertainment packages which ensure the delivery of a highly efficient and entertaining programme.

What makes us different?

There are a lot of entertainment companies that serve the market in Jamaica. At SX Entertainment, our aim is to raise the standard of the industry, by establishing a core team of professionals that work as a cooperative, who all share the same ethos and work ethics.

Our ethos is heavily based on exceptional customer service and going above and beyond for our clients and suppliers.

How we work

  1. Contact Us.

  2. Initial Consultations.

  3. Booking Confirmation and Contract Signing.

  4. Final Consultation, Music Sheet Completion and Service Delivery.